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We are Cultivér.

Organic gardens living in harmony with existing natural eco-systems.

Connecting people & land through conscious cultivation

one yard at a time.


Growing is in
our nature

"The Garden is a magical place where inspiration blooms, respite is offered and a deep sense of connection to the natural world is found.

I love the Garden."

- Allison,

owner + garden whisperer

Our story

Cultivér's journey started as a tiny seed of hope in the dark. Owner & third generation Gardener, Allison, learned what deep healing felt like when she dug her hands into the earth after a tumultuous time in her life. Gardening awoke a new sense of belonging to the land. Igniting a lifelong passion to cultivate plants & co-create beauty with existing native eco-systems.

Cultiver has a dream to transform everyone's outdoor space into their very own nature sanctuary, so you too can feel the wonders of what nature has to offer. 

We are passionate about plants, people and peace. We believe organic gardening & conscious cultivation is our responsibility as humans.

It is a true joy to share our knowledge and guide you on your gardening path.

Let's grow!


Gardens in BLOOM


Contact us

To book a consultation or start planning your dream garden, please get in touch!

Greensboro NC, 27408

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